The Definitive Guide to Christmas Podcasts

The Definitive Guide to
Christmas Podcasts

Christmas podcasts are a recent edition to the world of Christmas entertainment, but they're quickly becoming a popular way to help celebrate the season. Whether you're interested in Christmas history, movies, books, audio dramas, religion/spirituality, food/entertaining, or any other Christmassy topic, the world of podcasts has you covered. And many Christmas-themed podcasts release episodes throughout the year!

But as Christmas podcasts continue their explosive growth, it becomes more challenging to keep up with what's out there. Not all podcasts appear on all platforms, and the search results on those platforms don't always show you everything you might like to find.

This is the definitive guide to Christmas podcasts. It's Christmas Past's attempt to catalog all podcasts, past and present, that are mainly about Christmas, or significantly about Christmas (e.g., shows about Hallmark Channel movies). It does not include single Christmas-themed episodes of non-Christmas podcasts, nor does it include Christmas podcasts that put out one or two episodes and then disappeared.

Check back often, because I'll be adding new podcasts all the time! Is anything missing? If you know of a show that should appear on this list, contact me with details.