Another trip through the derp-tacular world of Brian’s childhood Christmases

There’s nothing like a photographic trip down memory lane to re-live the magic of Christmas Past and the embarrassment of questionable hairstyle choices. Before the days of perfectly composed Instagram Christmas morning shots, we had the gloriously awkward family Christmas photos of the 70s and 80s. Let’s take another walk through the derp-tacular world of Brian’s childhood Christmases. (And for even more derp, check out this previous post.)

Derping’s what Tiggers do best!

image of boys holding a Tigger doll

I actually still have that Tigger doll!

Me in the foreground, avoiding the danger lurking in Mickey’s Club House

image of mickey mouse club house

Avoiding a collision with a sleeping bag

image of boys with sleeping bad

Who needs a chest expander when you’ve got Stretch Monster?

image of boy with a stretch toy
This is a chest expander, FYI

The “T” in E.T. stands for “TV tray”

image of boy holding a TV tray

Ah, the Pogo Bal: where a bouncy good time was always just a groin pull away

image of boy opening a pogo ball gift

And yes, it’s Pogo Bal (one “L”)

Christmas spirit, meet disco fever!

image of 2 boys in the 1970s

I got a weaving loom and a magic set in the same year. An embarrassment of riches

image of boy opening a christmas gift

Or just an embarrassment