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Just literally 7 derpy childhood Christmas pictures of Brian

image of children underneath a christmas themed pinata

Childhood Christmas pictures help us reconnect with fond Christmas memories. They also help remind us of what derps we used to be back in the day. Whenever I go home for Christmas, one of the first things I do is get out the stacks of photo albums at my mom’s house. There must be a dozen of them at least, and several devoted just to Christmas. I love looking back and reliving the excitement of Christmas morning with my family in New England.

It’s also kind fun to relive the awkwardness of my younger years. I was a derpy kid, and I don’t care who knows it! Here are seven childhood Christmas pictures of yours truly, Brian Earl as proof.

I was born with the Christmas spirit, and “starred” in a Christmas pageant at six months old

one of Brian's Childhood Christmas pictures from Christmas pageant

My brother and me (on the right) meeting Santa for the first time

one of Brian's Childhood Christmas pictures of children sitting in santa's lap
For more fun with department store Santas, check out episode 14 of the podcast.

Rocking that plaid and the gobsmacked expression

one of Brian's Childhood Christmas pictures of children sitting in front of fireplace

My mom hand made those stockings out of felt. I still have mind and hang it out every year.

Me (left) with two of my brothers

one of Brian's Childhood Christmas pictures of three boys in front of a christmas tree
I still have some of those tree ornaments!

Me (top right) at a Christmas party with family and friends

one of Brian's Childhood Christmas pictures of children in house with santa claus

So much derping under the Santa pinata

one of Brian's Childhood Christmas pictures of children underneath a christmas themed pinataI have a long history with the Christmas pinata. To hear more, check out the episode of Podcasts We Listen To, where I was a guest:

And I got a weaving loom one year, I guess

Childhood Christmas picture of a boy opening a christmas gift

I probably wove a scarf or a potholder or something. Can’t say for sure.

What about your childhood Christmas pictures?

Now it’s your turn! Do you have any derp in your Christmas past? I’m sure you do. I’d love to share them in a future article right here. Contact me for details. And post pics on Twitter anytime with the hashtag #MyChristmasPast!

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