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7 Christmas blogs for learning more about Christmas history and traditions

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At Christmas Past, we’re all about Christmas history and nostalgia. Learning the backstories to your favorite traditions isn’t just fascinating; it also adds an extra dimension for appreciating the vast and varied world of our favorite holiday. Christmas blogs deliver fun, short, shareable content to add another layer to your Christmas spirit. With that in mind, here is a roundup of seven Christmas blogs for learning more about Christmas history and traditions.

All Things Christmas

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Chantelle Otto Joy’s All Things Christmas covers…well, all things Christmas. Whether it’s decorating, crafts, music, or cooking, it’s a perfect one-stop destination for a full range of Christmas cheer. All Things Christmas also has a section dedicated solely to Christmas traditions.

My Merry Christmas

Jeff Westover’s My Merry Christmas is one of the oldest and most expansive blogs dedicated to Christmas, including collection of bustling discussion forums, podcast episodes, and articles dedicated to all kinds of Christmas topics, including history and traditions.

Weird Christmas

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Whether it’s head-scratching Victorian Christmas cards or creepy Christmas monsters, the history of Christmas can get a little weird, and Craig Kringle is here for it. Weird Christmas is a blog and companion podcast that celebrates all things holly, jolly, and oddly.

Why Christmas

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Since the year 2000, Why Christmas has answered your most burning questions about Christmas. Why Christmas began as a project by a group of school teacher friends, but it has since grown into one of the biggest Christmas info Web sites around.

Mental Floss

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Mental Floss covers more than just Christmas, but it’s Christmas content is always top notch. Find out about the history of “Merry” vs. “Happy,” fun facts about Christmas movies, and much more. Type “Christmas” in the search bar.


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Another non-Christmas-specific site with plenty of excellent Christmas content. Learn about the history of the Christmas card, mistletoe, Christmas lights, and much more. Type “Christmas” in the search bar.

History Channel

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Should be obvious enough that the History Channel’s site would have plenty of content about the history of Christmas. Read about how Christmas became a holiday, the history of the Christmas tree, the War on Christmas, and more. Enter “Christmas” in the search bar.

What are your favorite Christmas blogs?

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