Do you possess tree-mendous Christmas knowledge?

The Christmas tree has been an essential part of American Christmas since the 1870s. Whether you prefer firs or spruces, real or artificial, you’ve seen countless Christmas trees in your time. But how much do you really know them? Take this quiz by guest author Susan Rottmann, and be sure to share your results on social media!

What popular Christmas tree decoration was once banned by the U.S. government because it contained lead?
In 1963, the National Christmas Tree was not lit until December 22nd for what reason?
In 1979, only the top ornament of the National Christmas Tree was lit. What was the reason?
What event beginning in December 2007 has caused an increase in the price of Christmas trees since 2017?
What is the most popular Christmas tree breed in the U.S.?
Which country is home to the world’s largest Christmas tree?