How well do you really know White Christmas?

White Christmas has been a favorite holiday musical since its release in 1954. The movie is notable for being the third to feature Bing Crosby singing the Irving Berlin song he made famous (after 1942’s Holiday Inn and 1946’s Blue Skies), and for being the first to use a new high-resolution technology.


You know the story: a song-and-dance duo becomes smitten with a sister act, and they all team up to save a failing inn. But how well do you know it? Take this quiz, from guest quizmaster Chantelle Joy Otto, proprietor of the All Things Christmas blog, and host of the YouTube channel of the same name.

Everyone knows that the main character is played by Bing Crosby, but do you know his costar's name?
How much might you expect to pay to see a talent like Bob Wallace perform?
What is the Haynes sisters' brother's name?
Why do Wallace and Davis dress like women?
Where were Wallace and Davis originally planning to travel by train to?
What is the name of the Inn in White Christmas?
One of the most iconic numbers features a girl named Mandy, but what is the song about?
What is Major General Tom Waverly's grandaughter's name?
Including the title track, how many full-length songs are performed in White Christmas?