In Praise of Christmas Read-Along Record Books

“You’ll know it’s time to turn that page when you hear this sound…”

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Christmas stories! And while good old fashioned storybooks are all well and good, there was a time when publishers produced books with vinyl records enclosed.

They were an immersive an magical experience—from the first crackle of the needle finding its groove, to the narrator introducing the story, to the actors and sound effects bringing you into an imaginary world.

Sure, there are TV specials and movies and podcasts and storybook apps, but for that multi-sensory nostalgic Christmas feeling, I’ll always favor this Christmas classic.

You can hear your favorite stories brought to life

frosty the snowman record book

Frosty the Snow Man

rudolph record book

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Or experience your favorite characters in new ways

strawberry shortcake book record

Strawberry Shortcake

barbie record book


care bears record book

Care Bears

Raggedy Ann and Andy record book

Raggedy Ann and Andy

pac-man record book


Or discover new Christmas stories

a surprise for santa record book

A Surprise for Santa

fairytale christmas record book

Fairytale Christmas

burl ives record book

Burl Ives Christmas Stories

They’re a good excuse to keep a turntable around


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It’s fun to scour thrift stores and used bookstores and eBay to find new Christmas read-along record books to add to your collection. Happy reading / listening!