Backstory — It’s a Wonderful Life

No Christmas story starts out as a classic. And the road to classic status is often a long one filled with unexpected turns. It’s a Wonderful Life wasn’t a big success when it debuted in 1947. It wasn’t until a quirk of American copyright law gave it a second life on television in the 1970s that it earned its place as a cornerstone of Christmas cinema.

There are several variations and remakes of the movie. But my favorite isn’t a movie at all. It’s a made-for-radio version with much of the original cast. Take a listen and let me know what you think!


Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas, by Alonso Duralde


  • Bipolar Christmas” — pftq, via SoundCloud
  • Wonder Cycle” — Chris Zabriskie, via Free Music Archive
  • Continue Life” — Kevin MacLeod, via Incompetech
  • Luminous Rain” — Kevin MacLeod, via Incompetech
  • Wish Background” — Kevin MacLeod, via Incompetech
  • “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” — Don Maue, shared directly by the artist

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