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Christmas Past’s 2nd Annual Christmas in July Cookie Swap – 2020

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Christmas Past is holding its second annual Christmas in July Cookie Swap! Throughout July, we’ll bake, share photos in the Facebook Group, connect with our fellow Christmas lovers, and of course, eat Christmas cookies in middle of the year without a care in the world!

How it works

Pretty simple: I’ll match you up with another participant. You’ll make and send a batch of cookies to that person. A different participant will make and send a batch to you. First things first, though. If you want to participate, fill out the form below. Sign-ups are open until midnight PST on June 30. On July 1, you’ll get an email from me with all the important details.


Q: How does the swapping work? 

A: Simple. You’ll receive the name and address of another participant and then make and send them a batch of cookies sometime by the end of July 2020. The person you receive cookies from will not be the same person you send cookies to.

Q: How many cookies should I send? 

A: That’s totally up to you! You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like.

Q: What if I’m not a great baker? 

A: This is more about having fun and connecting than it is about the finished product. Don’t worry about making the best tasting or most Instagram-worthy cookies. Just have a good time!

Q: Who can participate?

A: Participation is limited to those inside the U.S.

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions or preferences?

A: Sorry, but I cannot accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences for the 2020 swap.

Q: Is all of this safe, given everything going on with COVID-19?

A: Yes! According to the CDC, transmission through food is not considered a risk. When you receive your cookies, just take the same commonsense precautions you’d take before bringing any item into your house from outside.

Q: Can I have my cookie maker’s contact info?

A: Part of the fun of the swap is that it’s like secret Santa! You don’t know quite what you’ll get, or from whom. It’s a surprise. Also, it’s frankly just too difficult for me to coordinate communication between everyone.

Q: If I sign up, will I end up on some kind of mailing list?

A: Nope. The signup is used only for the 2020 swap. The only people who will see your info are me (Brian) and the person I match you with. The only emails you’ll get from me will be on July 1, with the details of your match, and a small handful reminders throughout July.

Q: What if I get stiffed?

A: Sadly, this can happen from time to time. Don’t worry…nobody’s going cookie-less on my watch! Last year, we had some volunteer bakers willing to pitch in for those who never received cookies. We’ll try for something similar this year, or find some other way to solve that.

Q: I signed up, but now because {insert reason here} I can no longer participate. Now what?

A: Please let me know as soon as possible so I can re-assign your match. You can contact me via this site’s contact form.

Looking forward to making the second annual summer cookie swap bigger and better!

Yours truly,

Brian Earl

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