Some vintage Christmas glam from old hollywood

Ah, old Hollywood! The glitz, the glamour. Costumes to die for. Performers who could sing and dance as well as act. Strong leading men and poised leading ladies who delivered dialog in cultivated dulcet tones.

And when it comes to Christmas, the old Hollywood studios knew how to glam it up, as these Pinterest pins show. They don’t call it “tinsel town” for nothing!

Loretta Young looking flawless

Hey there, June Havoc. How’d you get up on that tabletop holding all those gifts?

Who needs Christmas lights when you’ve got Ann Miller?

Gina Lollabrigida makes a perfect tree ornament

Paulette Goddard outshines a giant glittering Christmas tree

Too cold for a bikini? Not if you’re Esther Williams!

Diane Lynn, melting our hearts…but somehow not the snowman

And a Merry Xmas to you too, Yvonne de Carlo!

Fay Wray staying cozy and festive while it snows

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Hollywood Sign — Sorn, via Wikimedia Commons