Christmas Past

It's the fascinating backstories to the Christmas traditions you cherish. Christmas Past brings you year-round Christmas history, forgotten Christmas fiction, roundtables, interviews, and most of all, Christmas cheer. And it's all from the uniquely warm and nostalgic world of Brian Earl — where the holiday season never ends!


Subscribing to a podcast means that new episodes appear on your device automatically, saving you the trouble of finding and downloading them one by one. Christmas Past releases episodes every few days during the Christmas season, so subscribing is a great way to make sure you never miss one.

Whether you listen to podcasts on your computer, phone, tablet, smart speaker, or even your TV or car, you can easily subscribe to Christmas Past any time. This page should help you if you’re new to podcasts and subscribing.

How to subscribe

You listen to podcasts through a podcast app. If you’re on a desktop computer, that app may be something like iTunes or Spotify. On a phone, it could be Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Overcast, or something else. Different apps are available for Apple or Android devices, and Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. If an app didn’t come pre-installed on your device, simply Google “podcast app,” plus the name of your device to find one to download.

All apps have a search bar that lets you search for Christmas Past. Once you find the podcast, simply look for the “subscribe” button. Here are some examples.

iTunes desktop app

image of the iTunes desktop application, highlighting the position of the subscribe button
On the iTunes desktop app, the subscribe button is under the podcast cover art

Apple Podcasts phone app

image of sequence of screens required for subscribing to a podcast through the Apple Podcasts phone app
On the Apple Podcasts mobile app, the subscribe button is in a pop-up menu, accessible by tapping the “three dots” icon

Overcast phone app

image of subscribe button on the overcast podcast app
On other phone apps, like Overcast, the subscribe option is under the user settings for the podcast

If you’re slightly more advanced

The information above will cover the majority of situations and preferences for subscribing to a podcast. Some advanced users may prefer to link directly to the podcast’s RSS feed, which is hosted through Libsyn. If that’s your cup of eggnog, here’s the RSS feed link.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, contact me, and I’ll be more than happy to help!