Take the 1985 Wish Book Over/Under Challenge

The Sears Wish Book. It was practically the first Christmas card of the season, with page after glossy page of the stuff Christmas dreams are made of. 80s kids remember dog-earing pages showing Speak & Spell, Teddy Ruxpin, X-wing fighters, Barbie Dream Houses, Cabbage Patch Kids, and so much more. But do you think you could tell today what any of these things cost back in the 80s? Take the 1985 Wish Book Over/Under challenge to find out!

The 1985 Wish Book Over/Under Challenge
These stylish Wuzzles slippers
This action packed Knight Rider sleeping bag
This futuristic robot cat
This roaring 20's convertible
This Rainbow-riffic Rainbow Bright Stove
This lively game of Mr. Mouth
This Fierce Battle Cat bouncy ride
This sweet all terrain vehicle
This dreamy bed topper tent
This Big Bird Talk 'n Play